REMS in the guidelines


New important recognition for Echolight: REMS technology (Radiofrequency Echographic Multi Spectrometry), the first ultrasound-based method to diagnose the osteoporosis and assess the risk of fragility fractures, is officially included in the Inter-Company Ministerial Guidelines for the correct identification and management of fragility fractures (Download Guidelines), presented at an event of the Fondazione Italiana Ricerca Malattie dell’Osso (FIRMO) on World Osteoporosis Day.

In a coordinated action between the Higher Institute of Health, the major Medical-Scientific Societies and Clinical Bodies, together with Patient Associations, the Guidelines “Diagnosis, risk stratification and continuity of care for Fragility Fractures” represent the most advanced recommendations of good clinical practice useful to guarantee patient care and assistance in compliance with the best standards of quality and appropriateness, as well as being unique in the national and international panorama.

REMS technology will also be the protagonist of a symposium during the first day of the XXI National Congress of the Italian Society of Osteoporosis, Mineral Metabolism and Skeletal Diseases (SIOMMMS), the Scientific Society involved in the problems related to skeletal and metabolic diseases, scheduled from October 28 to 30. The symposium, entitled “The new REMS ultrasound technique”, moderated by Professor Maria Luisa Brandi, President of FIRMO, will be an opportunity to present the experiences and clinical studies carried out over the years, which testify to the numerous advantages of the new method compared to X-ray, and its prospects for widespread use in clinical practice, thanks to the interventions of Dr Giovanni Adami – rheumatologist, University of Verona – Dr Carla Caffarelli and Prof. Stefano Gonnelli of the Department of Medical Sciences, Surgery and Neuroscience of the University of Siena.

[1] FIRMO – Fondazione Italiana Ricerca sulle malattie, SIOMMS – Società Italiana dell’Osteoporosi del Metabolismo Minerale e delle Malattie dello Scheletro, SIOT – Società Italiana di Ortopedia e Traumatologia, SIE – Società Italiana di Endocrinologia, SIMFER – Società Italiana di Medicina Fisica e Riabilitativa, SIMG – Società Italiana di Medicina Generale e delle Cure Primarie, SIR – Società Italiana di Reumatologia e FNOPI – Federazione Nazionale degli Ordini delle Professioni Infermieristiche.